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My Web skills


Your specialist WordPress developer

I work with the WordPress CMS, one of the most renowned and advanced content management systems on the market: this is your guarantee of professional quality websites, within the framework of an open source and evolving solution: in short, websites designed to last!

Within this eco-system, I have mastered the Divi builder to perfection, which offers many technical and creative possibilities when used properly: advanced customisation of content, support for all types of media; in short, the ideal tool for creating personalised, high-performance websites.

Technology for customisation

I am also qualified in HTML, CSS and PHP: this allows me to dispense with “off-the-shelf” or pre-built themes and develop a bespoke design and ergonomics, which will perfectly match your company and your brand.

To this end, I already collaborate with specialized agencies and graphic designers who know that I am able to accurately render their vision, while respecting the UX / UI requirements (commonly called “user experience”, an element that must be at the heart of any digital approach).

So not only am I able to create complex layouts, with css animations, hover effects; but I am also able to solve compatibility problems between different browsers… and above all, I work in parallel on all screen formats, from mobile to 27 inches, including all types of tablets.
This mastery of what is known as responsive design is fundamental today, all the more so when we know that 70% to 80% of website traffic today is via smartphones!

Because quality referencing makes all the difference

I am also specialised in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation): this means that your future site will be correctly declared to the search engines, which will contribute to improve its ranking in the results and consequently to obtain qualified traffic, based on relevant keywords, relayed by quality contents, all with a good management of the meta tags.

Concerned about the security of the websites I create, I remain attentive to the respect of good coding practices and the implementation of all necessary measures for data protection.

Passionate about digital innovations, I am constantly looking for new techniques in order to create ever more innovative and efficient websites for my clients… of which you may soon be one?

All you have to do is click on the contact button and fill in my little form: a few seconds of your time, for an investment that promises to be profitable!

See you soon!

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Some of my achievements: